San Francisco: Outer Circle

The Outer Circle Team Vision
We invite the lonely,
the outcast, and the wanderer
into restoration of their entire beings by
drawing them to Christ
giving them what we have
bringing them into community
and by being their friends.

Since 1998, InnerCHANGE's team in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, the Outer Circle, has shown love to hundreds of traveling street youth living in Golden Gate Park.  The team, known by street kids around the country as "the pancake Christians" because of their weekly pancake breakfast they share in the park, seek to live out the above vision through one on one discipleship, time spent on the street in conversation and prayer, using their home for hospitality, facilitating bible studies and faith discussions, bridging the local church to the street, traveling to Rainbow Gatherings and other places where traveling youth gather, and networking between churches and ministries that are already serving this subculture in the city and around the country.
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The Doorbell Rings

The doorbell rings and I cringe.

It is this fear of the unknown. Invading my life. Interrupting my time. Stealing pieces of my day. I do not know who is there. But whoever they are they want something. They came to me. A shower. A chat. A cup of cold water…

Yesterday the doorbell rang a lot of times.

First it was Ninga - one hour and one day early for easter egg painting. It was in the middle of Tuesday morning prayer and it was raining. Poor Grace had to tell him to come back tomorrow. She felt bad, but it was the right thing. We were meeting.

Reaching Down From Heaven

A story of transformation from the streets of San Francisco.

Pancakes in the Park

The Outer Circle shares pancakes in Golden Gate Park every week. Going on 7 years, it has grown into an important gathering spot for homeless traveling youth to connect with our crew and with each other. Here is a glimpse into what it's like!

The Fruit of Obedience

We first earned Dave’s* trust because of a simple, yet radical step of obedience.

For over five years our team has been serving pancakes in Golden Gate Park as a way to both meet a tangible need and more importantly to serve as a community gathering place where we can connect with the homeless and traveling youth that come through the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.

Danny's Story

The story of Daniel Linn and the Outer Circle team (part of San Francisco's InnerCHANGE) serving in Golden Gate Park.