South Asia Apprenticeship

Duration: 3 Years
Dates: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - Friday, September 20, 2019
Applications due: 30 June, 2016

A multi-faceted learning experience
1) Learn basic Bangla language and how to navigate living well in the capital city, a very crowded city
2) through the teams' BAM leadership development company, develop the curriculum for & teach a conversational English program for a range of people from NGO leaders to young entrepreneurial leaders; possibly teach basic Microsoft Word and Excel to NGO leaders & managers; possibly help NGO leaders write reports in English to foreign donors;
3) live in a low-income muslim neighborhood & get to know neighbors,
4) with the IC team, learn ways to contextualize and share faith in Christ among muslim neighbors
5) regularly relate with IC team members in meetings, socially and for learning

1) Teachable/learning attitude!
2) Passionate about being among Muslims
3) Emotionally stable; have a record of having withstood painful and difficult circumstances in the past;
4) able to live in an environment that can be violent and unpredictable;
5) able to write/design curriculum and teach it

1) some training in coaching, a certification is GREAT
2) Prefer 2 single women or 2 single men to come together for company; or a married couple

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