San Francisco: Outer Circle Apprenticeship

Duration: 1 Year
Dates: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Applications due: 30 June, 2016

When you see a traveling kid with a backpack does your heart flutter a little? Do you love sitting on sidewalks? Perhaps Outer Circle is the team for you! We do a picnic of pancakes and coffee on mondays in the park, pray together and then have a community group and bible study on tuesday with friends trying to seek Christ, the rest of our week is spent connecting with traveling homeless friends- having them over for a shower and coffee, connecting on Facebook, going to appointments together, hitting the fun free stuff going on in SF together, and a whole lot of cooking and having meals together. We live in community in a big old victorian house and in the summer we go to the National Rainbow Gathering and set up a little pancake kitchen and camp for a few weeks hanging out and seeing what the Lord would have us do and occasionally do other short trips. We love it.

Developing and maintaining relationships with homeless and formerly homeless friends, helping with meals, and attending & assisting with other team functions.

Actively pursuing your relationship with Jesus!
Willing to learn!

Extra bonuses:
Are you an accountant, lawyer, gardener, addiction and trauma counselor, storyteller, teachable spirit, a love of cooking, bible study facilitator, great listener, lover of punk music, comfortable camper, or handy man? We could really use those skills! Let us know if you wanna join full time or are willing to share a skill with us!

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