Glasgow: Men's Skills Development Apprenticeship

Duration: 1 Year and 3 Years
Dates: Monday, December 21, 2015 - Friday, September 20, 2019
Applications due: 30 June, 2016

This is an opportunity for people with practical skills and the instincts of a trainer/mentor to reach out to men who have been marginalised. Possilpark can always be served by more opportunities for men to re-find their feet and grow in confidence. It is a community with a proud manufacturing history in ironwork which has become an abandoned place of Empire with the closing of its Iron Foundry. The knock-on effects with regards to confidence and identity for men in our community have been huge, with a sizeable number turning to drugs and passing this to the next generation. We are committed to being part of seeing this trend turned around and this community finding its feet again. This will happen, in part, through re-establishing broken families - part of which is seeing the men restored. You will be working in partnership with Clay Community Church (, a local church plant and Findlay Family Network, a charity dedicated to preventing family breakdown.

You will be responsible for setting up a maintaining a new initiative designed to impact the men of Possil through opportunities for hands-on skills training in a trade or practical skill. The aim is to restore confidence and self-esteem and establish at the grassroots an opening into a pathway for getting men back on their feet and active participants in their community and even back to work. You will use your talent and passion to develop trusting relationships with men on the margins of our community, serving the men and their dreams as a primary focus, but always with an eye to seeing how appropriately to help them move forward in their relationship with Christ. An electronics group is already running and we would like to build on this and grow our capacity as a project to connect with such men. There will be supervision provided but also a lot of freedom to develop your own ideas in consultation with men from Possil and your supervisor.

You must have a trade or practical skill, such as (but not limited to): Builder, DIY, IT software/hardware, electrician, furniture restorer, gardener, mechanic, joiner, carpenter. Ability to train and teach one-on-one and through groups essential. Active Christian faith: this is a Genuine Occupational Requirement.

church-planting experience; small group bible-study leadership; pastoral care skills. It is desirable that you be an initiator, able to develop a work from scratch and build trust with people on the margins.

Owing to the nature of the role, it may be the case that a male applicant would be preferred, but we want to remain open to a person of either sex who might be interested! We would love to host an older worker with these skills (50+), but again, we are open to folks of any age coming. Age 23+ a baseline requirement, though. If you are younger, please see our other service opportunities.

Estimated costs above are for f/t US worker. We are very open to hosting workers from UK/other countries subject to Visa requirements. We are also open to people covering some costs through bi-vocational work (secured themselves).

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