Glasgow: Cross-Cultural Outreach Apprenticeship

Duration: 1 Year and 3 Years
Dates: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - Friday, September 20, 2019
Applications due: 30 June, 2016

The demographics of Possilpark have changed rapidly in the last 5 years. As more incomers have arrived in this traditionally white working class community, we have witnessed a significant increase of other nationalities among our neighbours. Newer nationalities in Possil include Chinese, Polish, African and Tamil. In the last 3 years we have seen the establishment of a Winners Chapel African Pentecostal Church and a Hindi Temple/Community Centre. For some, these are refreshing developments bringing diversity and colour to the community. For others, this is experienced as a threat. We have identified that local services are not yet strongly geared towards these newcomers, and we want to catalyse new spaces for interaction and integration, helping longer term residents adjust to their new neighbours and helping newer arrivals to the community orientate themselves and settle in.

This role is geared to the age, maturity and capacity of the applicant, with opportunities to grow in new skills and ministry experience during the Apprenticeship and Novitiate. Your responsibilities will include all normal requirements and support for an Apprentice/Novice serving with an InnerCHANGE, but your missional role will be tailored by you towards the goals of cross-cultural outreach here in Possil. This will involve befriending, and creating spaces and initiatives from scratch to enable cross-cultural reconciliation in our community, serving incomers in their needs (such as running TEFL courses) and helping long-term residents encounter these new cultures in a safe space.

Active Christian faith: this is a Genuine Occupational Requirement. You must be able to develop a work from scratch and build trust with people on the margins. A genuine love for other cultures.

church-planting experience; small group bible-study leadership; pastoral care skills. It is desirable that you be an initiator and have previous cross-cultural outreach experience.
Age 20+ Estimated costs above are for F/T US worker. We are very open to hosting workers from UK/other countries subject to Visa requirements. We are also open to people covering some costs through bi-vocational work (secured themselves).

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