Cambodia: Story Teller Internship

Duration: 2-6 months
Dates: Friday, January 1, 2016 - Saturday, December 31, 2016
Applications due: 31 October, 2016

Assist InnerChange Cambodia Team with communication projects such as videos for recruiting, reporting back to financial partners, or fundraising; website for team or projects (including sales of handicraft items); and/or team brochure.

InnerChange Cambodia projects include: Treasures from the Heart is a business employing persons with AIDS to make handicrafts products to be sold in the local market, primarily to tourists and visitors to Cambodia. Hands of Hope is a similar small business employing girls who were previously trafficked. Sunrise supports persons with AIDS via regular visits, medical support, and a hospices as well as providing other services in the local prison Kompong Cham province. Therapy Training Loving Care serves persons with cerebral palsy in Kampot province.

Participate in team activities, such as:
--weekly team prayer and Learning Community meetings, regular team business and Action-Reflection meetings
--some language learning, cultural adaptation
--grappling/engaging with issues of poverty in developing countries

The intern will spend much of their time assisting the team with communication projects. The remainder of their time intern will be in a posture of learning, with priority being placed on language/culture learning, adjusting to the communal rhythms of team life and ministry, personal formation, and living among the poor with IC teammates.


  • relevant communication experience: print, video, or website
  • some experience serving in their church
  • ability to work independently


  • some cross cultural experience
  • an established faith (i.e., not a new believer)
  • experience training or coaching others

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