God is moving in Soshanguve!

by Johannes, in South Africa

Following in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus is very crucial in my journey. I am part of a group of six boys from my neighborhood that meets every week. I am mentoring them in different areas of life.

One of the boys is named Sabelo, a very quiet character. He was recently going through hardship and challenges in his life, so he distanced himself from the group for a couple of weeks. Everyone was worried about him. We tried calling him but he was unavailable; we went to visit his house and he was now nowhere to be found. It was very hard for the group because we searched everywhere for Sabelo without success.

Every time we met we prayed for him and I remember asking my InnerCHANGE teammates to join me in prayer for Sabelo. We would pray warfare prayer without knowing that was the very thing happening. One of the guys mentioned that he had heard that Sabelo’s father had passed away. Oh! That was painful to hear because I know the pain of losing a parent.  I knew that he needed someone to be there for him as he mourns. One week he came back to our group meeting, and we asked everyone, “how is your heart?” When his turn came he started to cry and cry, instantly changing the atmosphere in the room.

No one knew what to do as he shared about his father‘s passing, how it affected him and his future, and then shared that his mother is very sick as well. The part that really shocked me was that he had tried to commit suicide. It was very hard for the guys; we didn’t know what to do. In my heart I started praising God that he had heard our prayers for Sabelo and brought him back to the group. Everyone went to him, and we gave him hugs and spent time praying for him. From then on, he began the journey of healing emotionally, to GOD TO BE THE GLORY!