Community worker vacancy in Tower Hamlets, London

CRM ( is looking for a male Christian community worker to serve in a variety of roles within our developing outreach in Tower Hamlets, London. The specific focus of this role requires someone able to raise financial support outside of the local community and with long term experience of working in a cross-cultural environment.

Requirements include:

  • Male
  • Christian
  • Able to raise own salary
  • Able to live in the local Tower Hamlets community.
  • Trained in Christian theology and ministry.
  • Experienced in cross-cultural and urban mission.
  • Experienced in youth work in deprived communities.
  • Experienced in the theory and practice of Christian peacemaking and conflict transformation, and able to incorporate these experience in local mission.
  • Experienced in teaching self-defence and personal safety to young people and adults.
  • Knowledgable of multiple forms of spiritual development and discipleship and able to serve members of the local community through this.
  • Capable of engaging in bridge-building interfaith conversations between Christians, Muslims, and other faiths.
  • Able to train and mentor churches and community leaders to serve in local mission, peacemaking, and youth work.

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